Most restaurant review blogs are starting and finishing der stories at the table. We go beyond and try to give you a holistic review. This means we don't stop in front of the toilet door. We believe the toilet is telling you the real inside of a restaurant.

Dear 00guide visitors,

Another intensive, challenging and exciting year is ending. We have been to many different countries and seen many restaurants and their toilets. We hope you can also look back on an exciting 2017. Often people are confused when reading an article on our blog. The article starts with a picture of a Wienerschnitzel and a few lines below they see a toilet. Talking about toilets is still a taboo. It is not a taboo on our blog. Imagine a nice night out. You go to a lovely restaurant and order a Wienerschnitzel. Later on you visit the toilet which is a nightmare. Would you have known this before, you would not went to this restaurant. You ask yourself how does the kitchen looks like? 

On 00guide you can read a holistic review about the restaurant and its toilet. 

We appreciate all your feedback and discussions.

We wish you only the best for 2018. Take care.

Warm regards,

Your Team.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and only the best for 2018.

Thank you for all your support this year. is growing day by day. This is only possible because you are believing in us.

Take care.

Your team

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