Pasticceria Rinaldini - Florence, Italy

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Overall Impression: 70% - 1 votes
Smell: 80% - 1 votes
Cleanness: 90% - 1 votes
Soap: 80% - 1 votes
Toilet Paper: 50% - 1 votes
Towel / Hand Dryer: 50% - 1 votes
Wheelchair Accessibility? - 1 votes
Space - 1 votes
Sanitary Bags - 1 votes
Paper Towel / Cosmetic Tissues - 1 votes
Baby's Changing Table - 1 votes
Mirror - 1 votes
Toilet Seat Cleaner / Cover - 1 votes
Hanger - 0 votes

July 2016

Via dei Banchi, 11, Firenze

We stumbled upon this pro-pink pastry shop on the way to our free English tour in Florence. After hitting the plaza, you veer right towards the Bascilia di Santa Maria Novella and there is Pasticceria Rinaldini! It is every feminine woman’s dream of pink and bright colors. You have your selections

of coffee, cappuccinos and pastries. For our visit, we stuck to the classic macaroon in eight varieties, with each other representing a new flavor. There are also pies and cakes you can sample, but we stayed away from them.

My husband ordered an espresso, which was given in a literal shot form. There were other types of coffee, but knowing we’re in Italy, he tried to stick to local customs. The espresso was pure and quite delicious. Make sure you have extra Euro change, however; the pastries were priced well, but the coffee selection was more expensive. We paid around 11 Euros in total, 1 Euro per macaroon and then 3 Euros for a shot of espresso.

The shop is cozy yet chic. They have a seating arrangement of comfortably stools for everyone and smaller tables, to accommodate for the sample sizes.

Women's Toilet:

There is a bathroom, but it is quite small. Thankfully, this facility in Florence has a workable sink. It was meshed as a storage closet, so it’s not the best layout. However, there was another sink inside of the toilet area, which was convenient and nice. It didn’t have many perks to it, but it was an easy stop and go restroom.


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