Novagea - Athens, Greece

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Overall Impression: 71% - 1 votes
Smell: 100% - 1 votes
Cleanness: 70% - 1 votes
Soap: 50% - 1 votes
Toilet Paper: 80% - 1 votes
Towel / Hand Dryer: 80% - 1 votes
Wheelchair Accessibility? - 1 votes
Space - 1 votes
Sanitary Bags - 1 votes
Paper Towel / Cosmetic Tissues - 1 votes
Baby's Changing Table - 1 votes
Mirror - 1 votes
Toilet Seat Cleaner / Cover - 1 votes
Hanger - 1 votes

August 2016

6 Vironos, Athens 105 58

Novagea is a delicious find in the heart of Athens, right in the Plaka (or flea market) in Monastiraki Square. Being a traveling tourist at this moment, my husband and I

always want the local cuisine of whatever area we happen to visit. From the outside, Novagea is simple yet chic, appealing to the tourist eyes. However, what drew me in was the displays of fruit in the front and the easy access to a half bar, where you can sit and sip. Noveagea is mostly a smoothie / juice bar, but also has basic pastry options and fruit bowls if you’re interested. It was a healthy option for us, which is a nice surprise when you’re on the go. The juices are made right in front of you, with fresh produce. Everything that is made there has been cultivated within the past 24 hours, so you know what you will consume is not only good for you, but completely fresh and refreshing. The prices were also quite a nice surprise! Being in a more tourist square (though this is where the locals shop), I was expecting more steep prices. However, for a combination of three different fruits, I did not pay more than 5 Euros. This is a steal, considering the quality of the fruit and the speed of the workers. They did not take more than 4 minutes on our order, which was 2 juices and with 3 other waiting customers.


The bathroom was okay in my opinion. You have to walk upstairs, and there is only one stall. The issue with Greece is due to the ancient ruins, they still use the septic system. Because of this, you are unable to flush the toilets with toilet paper. To me, that wasn’t an issue. However, I do wish there was more than one toilet for customers, because I had to wait over 10 minutes. Also, it would not be wise to take a small child in the diaper stage here. There isn’t a changing table, and the trash can is quite small.


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