Hotel Salnerhof - Ischgl, Austria


Toilet Rating

Overall Impression: 80% - 1 votes
Smell: 60% - 1 votes
Cleanness: 90% - 1 votes
Soap: 80% - 1 votes
Toilet Paper: 60% - 1 votes
Towel / Hand Dryer: 80% - 1 votes
Wheelchair Accessibility? - 2 votes
Space - 1 votes
Sanitary Bags - 0 votes
Paper Towel / Cosmetic Tissues - 1 votes
Baby's Changing Table - 1 votes
Mirror - 1 votes
Toilet Seat Cleaner / Cover - 1 votes
Hanger - 1 votes

February 2018

Dorfstr. 98, 6561 Ischgl

The Hotel Salnerhof is located in the centre of Ischgl and you cannot miss it. The restaurant is spacious and I really like the inside. The place was quite packed out on Saturday during lunch time. We decided to sit at the bar and

to eat a little snack. I had a Gulasch soup. It was tasting good but I was missing some spices. The Bruschetta did not really meet my expectations. It was prepared quite different, than I used to know. At least they mentioned it on the menu card. 

Men's Toilet:

The toilets are clean and well maintained. What I did not like you had no chance to see if somebody is using the cubicle. You had to touch the door to find out. The toilets were a bit smelly. They had hand sanitizer available, well done.


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