Mungga Hütta (Gotschna Parsenn) - Davos, Switzerland


Toilet Rating

Overall Impression: 60% - 1 votes
Smell: 70% - 1 votes
Cleanness: 70% - 1 votes
Soap: 70% - 1 votes
Toilet Paper: 60% - 1 votes
Towel / Hand Dryer: 80% - 1 votes
Wheelchair Accessibility? - 2 votes
Space - 1 votes
Sanitary Bags - 0 votes
Paper Towel / Cosmetic Tissues - 1 votes
Baby's Changing Table - 1 votes
Mirror - 1 votes
Toilet Seat Cleaner / Cover - 2 votes
Hanger - 1 votes

January 2018

Gotschna Parsenn, 7260 Davos

The Mungga Hütta (hut) is located in between the skiing slopes of Davos-Klosters. It is a lovely, little and very rustic restaurant. I was feeling very welcome here and it feels

kind of visiting a friends home. The staff was very friendly. We went there on January 1st and one of the staff was welcoming us with a handshake and a Happy New Year. Really nice. Of course I was going for the barley soup which was tasting very delicious. Also the "special" kind of hot dog was very tasty too.

Men's Toilet:

While walking to the toilet I have seen a long queue. Queuing up as a man? Yes indeed, no surprise as they only have 1 cubicle each. The toilet was clean and there was nothing missing. But honestly I was not feeling in a mood for going "big", as there was a queue of people waiting in front of the door...