How does it work?

Overall Rating (bottom)

1 Star Miserable (better mind this toilet)
2 Stars Below the average, better don't spend too much time on this toilet
3 Stars OK, Clean, an average toilet
4 Stars Wow, above the average
5 Stars All exciting, a place to stay longer

Toilet Paper?

1 Star No toilet paper available
2 Stars Not enough toilet paper available and / or poor quality
3 Stars There is at least another toilet roll available / average quality
4 Stars Wow, enough toilet paper available & good quality
5 Stars Excellent, more than enough toilet paper available & highest quality

 Of course pictures are taken by male or female persons according to the toilet.

00 stands for toilet (wc). In the past hotel toilets have been labeled with two zeros, to make sure people don't mix up the toilet with a hotel room. WC stands for water closet.