In Gassen 16, 8001 Zürich

The Restaurant zum Kropf is a stylish, old beer hall and it is located close to the Paradeplatz (next to the famous Zeughauskeller). I believe there are more locals eating here in comparison to the Zeughauskeller, which is a hot spot for tourists. The food is as good or even better. Guess what I have eaten? Of course a Schnitzel. The meat

Lange Reihe 39, 20099 Hamburg

Finding this restaurant was quite a challenge. It is hidden downstairs next to a pharmacy. Das Dorf is a rustic restaurant and I really enjoyed the stylish, but simple interior. Don't try coming here without a reservation. This place was packed out on an early Thursday evening. The boss told us just come back a bit later, he will remember our face and give us a table. One the menu